Our Story

Nonna Tina’s is an Australian owned Italian Food startup that is based on the story of the late Concettina Ielo aka ‘Nonna Tina’.

Nonna Tina was born in 1935 in a Calabrian Village in the South of Italy, and was raised by an Orphanage after her father passed away at an early age.

Nonna grew up in a low socio-economic village, which forced her to learn innovative ways to cook beautiful, affordable, rustic Italian meals. Something she mastered and later passed on to her 4 daughters upon moving to Australia with her husband, Nonno Tony.

Our company exists to allow us to carry on our Nonna’s legacy, through innovative food products that are created on the back of the rustic cooking methods and beautiful recipes that have been passed down to Nonna by her predecessors.

We’re on a mission to ensure that as many people on the planet as possible, taste Nonna Tina’s cooking at least once in their life.

Our core values are Family, Trust, Love, Passion, Fun & Authenticity. All the things that defined Nonna Tina, and all the things we would love for this business to take into the homes of families all across the world.

How we were founded

One afternoon, in September of 2021, our Founder, Adam Agresta,  was talking to his brothers Charles and Paul in a group chat on Instagram, and jokingly called his brother Charles an “Italian Pastizzi” due to the fact that Charles is Half Maltese and Half Italian.

That is when the lightbulb went off in Adam’s head:

Pasta Sauces inside of Pastry Items!

Adam’s initial idea was to fill Pastizzi’s (a Maltese savoury item) with Italian Sauces. After a few rounds of prototyping and testing it became clear that it wouldn’t work due to the limitation around the mass production of Pastizzi dough.

This resulted in a quick pivot to Puff/Shortcrust pastry. Adam then created prototype pies, gave them to random taste testers, and the feedback was resoundingly positive.

This led Adam to take the idea a little more seriously, and as a result, Nonna Tina’s was formally established on the 10th of November, 2021.